Hilarious Moment During CIinton Rally: Watch Her Cower In Fear And Run From Protesters


In this very short video clip, we see protesters shouting down Killary CIinton ‘s regurgitated tripe about how strong of a woman she is. She was quite deterred however as it appears the situation became too heated for her. The rally ended abruptly after lasting for only one minute.






You see, for being such a strong woman, Killary couldn’t take being shouted down by a few men (even gay ones–it is L.A. after all).

Instead of actually meeting these protestors face to face and addressing their concerns, she decided it was best to cut it short and run away.

Though Hillary is relying mostly on her gender throughout the race, I am here to say that she brings shame to the “fairer sex.” I mean, nothing says “I am a strong woman” like bowing your head and running away when someone screams at you, am I right?

A true leader possesses the attributes of a leader regardless of gender. A leader wouldn’t have to use their genitals to gain favor. Killary believes that her genitals matter. She even went as far to say that she’s “anti-establishment” because she’s a woman running for president.

Love her or hate her, Carly Fiorina nailed Killary when she addressed CIinton’s ridiculous gender politics by saying,

“It gave us a glimpse of things to come because Mrs. CIinton  is going to play that gender card all day long. It is the rationale for her candidacy. Mrs. CIinton  is the personification of the professional political class. She can’t really claim she is an outsider [so] it is going to be about being a woman. No, Mrs. CIinton , you are not an outsider because you are a woman.”

Hillary once said in an interview with Vogue,

“People are very convinced they want to vote for the right person. And then . . . you know, you get little hints that maybe they’re not as comfortable with a woman being in an executive position.”

Contrary to Hillary’s claims that she is a progressive with progressive ideas, she’s really pushing centuries old ideologies regarding women in leadership.

Margaret Thatcher, one of the most influential female leaders in our world’s history, broke that stereotype back in 1979. In fact, she abhorred the word, “feminist.” She believed a successful woman is not synonymous with a feminist. She didn’t use her gender to get stuff done.

Considering this is the age of perpetual victim-hood, CIinton  will continue to use the gender card and ride it all the way to the White House.

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