[VIRAL] When it comes to Feminism, Conservatives should Shut Up and let Nature Take Its Course!

Feminism is a cancer on society
Feminism is a cancer on society

Now might be the time in human history for Conservatives to shut up and let nature take its course. Like a snake eating its own tail, The Left has entered into a death spiral… And as freedom loving Conservatives, WHO ARE WE TO STOP THEM? It’s almost as though they want more than to see the end of “THE WEST” – they want to see the end of HUMANITY. Cue Feminism…

So long as we don’t go down with the flaming Feminism ship, let God do His thang. FemiNazis SHOULD NOT have children. If Fems want to denigrate MEN all day everyday and never mate with one, fine by me. The world is a better, safer place for Human Beings with less of that homicidal, suicidal FemiNazi “gene” in it.

…let nature take its course.

Feminism is cancer
Feminism is literally destroying the lives of women.

There is a strange idea that is making its way around.  If Conservatives sit tight… our issues may just resolve themselves…


Feminism is cancer.
Feminism is cancer. [email protected]
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