AMAZING FOOTAGE: Watch What This Heroic Bus Driver Did For Her Passengers


On the busy streets of Guiyang, the capital of China’s Guizhou Province, a female bus driver ensured the safety of her passengers by pulling off a highway while suffering a heart attack.

Some passengers spoke out stating that the driver, Zhang Jing was repeatedly grasping at her chest. She then drove off the highway and parked the commuter bus on the side of the road. They said their driver informed them of her chest pains before opening the doors to the bus letting out over 40 people.

In the video, you’ll see the tense moment when Zhang Jing collapsed as she was trying to exit the bus.

The concerned passengers contacted emergency medical services. Upon arrival, paramedics took Zhang Jing to the hospital for treatment. She is currently in stable condition.


It’s heroic acts like this around the world that gives us a little more hope. This woman fought off a heart attack long enough to make sure her passengers were safe.

People like Zhang Jing remind us that even if we’re living our same routines day to day, we can still make a difference in the lives of others by putting them first above ourselves.

It’s usually the unsung heroes out there who make a true difference.

So get out there and be one!

H/T Daily Mail

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