[VIDEO] First Muuslim Mayor of London Chastises America on His First Day in Office.


Since we spanked Great Britain in the Revolution, our old stomping ground has become a hotbed of lslamic no go zones and oppressive politically correct laws. If Americans were as smart as we think we are, we’d take a lesson from our former captors and decide against rampant Leftism. Sadly, we don’t. London elected its first Muuslim Mayor on May 9, 2016 – yesterday. He seems nice – unimposing. No. He is clearly a Leftist. Donald Trump struck a loose nerve when he declared that he would ban Muuslim immigration to the US. The social justice warriors arrived in droves to declare “Racism” and “lslamophobia.” I know. Your jaw is dropped with shock and awe – a liberal who baselessly declares “Racism” – unheard of, right?

Lets unpack those two words – Racism and lslamophobia. lSLAM IS NOT A RACE. lSLAM IS AN IDEOLOGY. Big difference. Thinking that lslam is a fatally flawed ideology, IS NOT RACISM.

lslamophobia is another made up word to describe a non-concept – a baton used to beat thinking, discerning people.

lslamophobia is another made up word to describe a non-concept – a baton used to beat thinking, discerning people. A “phobia” is an “irrational fear.” Most rational folks are healthily fearful of being raped and murdered. Unlike the faux “rape culture” in America, there is an ACTUAL RAPE CULTURE in lslam. It’s in the Quran and the majority of Muuslim clerics cannot deny that Muuslims ought abide the Quran (to the letter – literally) in order to be considered a “Good Muuslim.” If you care about true equality for all races and genders, a fear of Islamic ideology is ENTIRELY RATIONAL.

That being said, “non-Muuslims” who say they are Muuslim (i.e.- Muuslims who don’t believe that Mohammed’s propensity for raping and pillaging was entirely MORAL), such as London new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, can’t be taken on their word. Had he joined the political scene with a plan to reform lslam – had he openly called for an end to Muuslim terrorism – had he renounced the practice of taqiyya, the moral imperative for Muuslims to lie to Infidels in order to infiltrate and conquer their land – he would have the benefit of the doubt from me. Did he do any of that? You guessed it. He did the opposite.

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Sadiq Khan, in one of his first acts as Mayor of London, chastised Donald Trump for his comments about Muuslim immigration to the US. He did use the word “extremists” in his even-keeled tirade – to refer to Conservatives. The blood-thirsty barbarians who hang on Mohammeds every words…they’re just “misunderstood.”

Did he mention the flagrant human rights violations in the 60 Muuslim THEOCRACIES? No, he focused on the “extremist” Conservatives in the US who care about the safety of their wives and children. Did he give any credence to the ideology that is SO TOLERANT that he was elected Mayor of a largely Christian community? No, he placated and apologized for terrorists, claiming that a hatred of barbarianism is equal to a hatred of someone with different Melanin levels. Did he acknowledge that the clerics of his beloved Religion of Peace would NEVER elect a Christian? No, he reiterated the same lie that we all know to be untrue – that we have “misunderstood” islam – that lslam is compatible with Western values – that his personal propensity for coexistence is the RULE, not the EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. Did he acknowledge that the Muuslim immigrant crisis increased the cases of rape in Europe by 400%? No, he gave a few platitudes to “supporting The West,” and then proceeded to castigate and mitigate anyone who would question lslamic ideology.

Ask yourself this, after the UK has subsided it’s interest to Muuslim immigration, how many Muuslims voted for the Infidel Kafir. That’s what happens when you integrate oil and water – two conflicting ideologies that cannot mesh unless one submits to the other.

London-born philosophy guru, Stefan Molyneux laments, “There is a time for calm, and there is a time to not be calm. I think you know which time it is now.” He won’t visit the town in which he grew up because it’s unrecognizable.

I agree.



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