Infuriating Reason Teacher Made Kids Put Their Heads Into a Bucket of URINE


Parents at the Cool Spring Primary School in King William, VA, were outraged when they read a note that was sent home with their second-graders. “Your child may have been exposed to bodily fluids while at school today” was the gist of what the note read.

Before seeing the troubling note in his son’s backpack, Parent Shawn Martin asked his 8-year-old how his day was. Initially laughing when the boy said he had a bad day, (because really, how bad can a typical 8-year-old’s day really be) The father’s lightheartedness quickly turned to rage when he heard what had happened.

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The teacher in question, who had been working at that school for 26 years, allegedly lined up all of the children in his classroom and made them one by one stick their head in a bucket of urine and take a deep breath. This appalling disciplinary method was all supposedly meant to make one of the kids snitch on whoever was guilty of peeing in the bucket.

“They want to sweep it under the rug like it never happened,” said Martin. “That is not acceptable.”

Shockingly enough, this psychopath teacher is still employed. A statement was released by school officials saying “This is a personnel matter. Appropriate action has been taken to ensure that such conduct does not repeat itself. We will have no further comment.” The school offered to have Mr. Martin’s son moved to another class, but Martin says that will only be punishing the wrong person.

The school refused to comment any further on the matter and it is unclear if the teacher will face any real consequences for his actions.


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