EXPOSED: Hitlary’s 6 Step Plan For Disarming Americans


Democrat presidential candidate, former Senator, and wife of a former president lives in a bubble of security. Truly! The woman is surrounded by 24/7/365 armed Secret Service. This is a perk of candidacy and being the FLOTUS.

Of course what is good for that old fat goose is not good for the gander. By gander, I mean you and I. Hitlary does not think anybody other than herself should be the beneficiary of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights (the right to keep and bear arms). As part of her promise to destroy the fabric of this nation, much as her predecessor and former boss, President Barack Obama, she has the Second Amendment in the cross-hairs and she plans to pull the trigger.

“So far as I know, the gun industry and gun sellers are the only business in America that is totally free of liability for their behavior. Nobody else is given that immunity. And that just illustrates the extremism that has taken over this debate.”


That coming from the Queen of Teflon coating when it comes to immunity. Her plan is to reference international law, and take a closer look at the gun ban in Australia where crime has gone up, thank you very much. She would like victims of gun-related crimes to be able to sue the gun manufacturer and gun-seller. Ever got a fishing hook stuck in your hand and had to cut it out? By her standard you ought to be able to sue the fishing pole and fishing hook maker, as well as the seller of said fishing wares.

Here’s his list:

Invasive background checks do nothing to prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns. Nor do they prevent a nutjob from getting a gun. What prevents either those characters from committing a crime is the rest of us normal folks carrying a sidearm. Boom. End of nutjob.

Supposedly, Hitlary wants all gun sale outlawed. Hmmm, not sure how she plans to pull that one off.

Molon Labe, Hillary.

Molon Labe.

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