What Target Is Doing To Our Religious Liberty Has People Furious

What Target Is Doing To Our Religious Liberty Has People Furious

They say there is always more to the story than what is initially told, and in the case of Target’s bathroom policy that is especially true.

Even after a boycott that has lost the retail giant $2 billion, they are still sticking to their politically correct way. However, the reason they are so hell bent on allowing men to use the restroom with women and children is their support for the controversial bill that could potentially threaten religious freedom.

According to One News Now:

American Family Association launched a boycott of Target for its bathroom ideology, arguing it could pose a danger to women and little girls when those restrooms are used for violent acts against women and molestation of children. Now it has been revealed that Target is one of many major corporations pressuring Congress to pass the Equality Act. Target has stated on its website that its gender-inclusive bathroom decision arises from its support of the Equality Act.

Mandi Ancalle of Family Research Council explains the dangers to religious freedom in the Equality Act.

“It not only provides special privileges for people based on subjective characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity, but also explicitly undermines current law that protects religious exercise by essentially saying that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act no longer applies,” she tells OneNewsNow.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is a federal law that prevents government from intruding on religious freedom unless there is a compelling reason. According to Ancalle, there’s more to be concerned about with the Equality Act.

“Basically, it would alter 25 current laws to include special protections for sexual orientation and gender identity, and it would undermine religious freedom of religious objectors,” she says.Essentially, this bill forces those that opposes this sort of perversion to cater to it anyway.

So let me see if I understand this correctly. If a business owner feels that allowing perverts in the restroom is wrong or, is goes against his/her religious beliefs or conscience they are forced to do it anyway? How is that for freedom in a free country?

The very purpose of the First Amendment is to protect the religious freedom and speech of all Americans, and not just those that are morally bankrupt.

Isn’t astounding to see how far we have fallen in this country?

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