SHOCKWAVE! Liberals Completely DEMORALIZED When Trump Reveals Pick For Attorney General


With Donald Trump just being the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States, he has not wasted any time in announcing to America who his top pick would be for the office of Attorney General.  If your last name is Clinton, or was involved in either the email scandal or the Benghazi affair then you better be worried.

In a tweet Donald Trump said that his choice would be South Carolina representative and chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi Trey Gowdy as his attorney general, if he was to be elected president.


Trey Gowdy who is known for his tenacious manner with the Obama administration and also with liberals has earned himself the nickname of “The Bulldog.”  While Gowdy keeps his place as a conservative favorite, let not forget that back in 2014 before the sweep of Congress by the Republicans, Gowdy was being endorsed by the political action group the Tea Party Leadership Fund to take over John Boehner’s seat as Speaker of the House.  Even though he did not get the speakers job, how more would it be to Trey Gowdy to sit at the desk of the Attorney General and prosecute all the RINOS and Democrats that allowed the continued dismantling of America under Obama’s terms as president.

It is clear that Donald Trump is willing to build a “dream team” of influential conservative leaders who would know how to fight for limited government and defeat the liberals. Trey Gowdy and Donald Trump also share a common tough, no-nonsense style. And when Gowdy was a prosecutor in South Carolina he was known to be very effective.  With that I would say he was indeed qualified for the appointment!

For now this is all talk and we will have to wait until November and see if it was to happen but if it is true then the liberals’ worst nightmare would come true and a conservative dream may come true.


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