Obama Just Promised to Help OUR BIGGEST ENEMY Rebuild Their NUCLEAR BOMB FACTORY


It should come as no surprise that our foot-washing, by tongue, sandal-licking president stretched the truth a whole lot when it comes to his good buddy, and sandal wearer in question, the Ayatollah of Iran. The evasion comes in the form of that nuclear weapons deal he made, and our eunuch pee themselves Congress who allowed to happen.

Here is the part that Obama forgot to mention. We will be supplying Iran with “advanced equipment” for their reactor in Arak. Yep. It’s time to get the old rods lit-up over there in the land of Kumbayallah. Obama will help them “modernize the nuclear reactor,” according to the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. In fact, since the hundreds of millions or billions (lost count) of dollars we are giving Iran as “tribute” because Obama sucks, are not enough, he plans to rebuilt the reactor for them. The AEOI goes on to say that, “The Obama administration announced that it would assist Iran in rebuilding the Arak reactor when the nuclear deal was implemented in late October. U.S. nuclear experts also will provide Iran with ‘technical advice’ on nuclear issues?

Would that advice be how to blow western nations and Israel to kingdom come? All of those “experts” should be hung for being the Benedict Arnold’s they are.

Thank you Obama for making our once great nation into the laughing stock of a sitting duck that we are. Thank you Congress for being as incompetent and corrupt as we think you are. Thank you Republican Party for being dishonest, deceitful and two-faced, on-par with none. At least with Democrats they are straight with us in how they plan to ruin us. Whereas the GOP are the real wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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