Obama Just Gave The Green-Light For The Mass Slaughter of Our National Bird


Our beloved national bird who has been under federal protection since the 70’s is now apparently fair game, now that Obama gave the go-ahead for the mass killing of them over the next 30 years. Obama has never had any issues with removing our national symbols, such as the Confederate Battle Flag, so it comes as really no surprise that he would put his stamp of approval on permits for wind farms to slaughter up to 4,200 of these majestic creatures annually.


Wind energy companies have recently been pushing for extended permits, since the current five-year plans they are on leave “too much uncertainty and hampered investment.” So ironically enough, this new plan to “save the planet” is destroying not only wildlife, but our treasured national symbol. Under the new plan released on Wednesday, the permits allow for thousands of eagles to be killed without any repercussion- which is nearly four times the current limit.

The worst part of all of this is that somehow the government is spinning this to make it seem that the permits are allowing for further conservation of the birds because they will better be able to track their deaths. The Fish and Wildlife Service attempted this identical stunt back in 2013, but after going to federal court over it, the judge rejected it.

If this was an oil company that was given the go-ahead to kill our national bird, there would be tremendous backlash. Why is this any different?

H/T[Political Cult]

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