There you are. You and your new date. Alone. Maybe in a dimly lit room casting shadows on the wall of your bodies. Tension in the air. The burning desire you have for him. You want him. You believe he wants you, just based on the way he looks at you. The way his body is posed, projecting an “I want you” without any words needing to be said. You feel your heart pumping, your body responding to the desire. You stand there with such great anticipation knowing what is about to happen. He slowly moves in with a little hesitation. Your thoughts race as to why he seems hesitant to engage in what both clearly want.

Suddenly, he stops just out of reach of you. Heart racing. Ready. He then says, the most awkward words to interrupt any intimate situation. He says, “May I kiss you?” She quizzically looks at him and says, “yes?!” Kissing begins. The hearts are racing, the room feels hot. He stops again right in the middle and looks at her. “May I touch you?”  By this time, the intimacy is fading fast as she wonders ‘what the hell is up with these questions. Just do your thing! Enough with the questions.’intimate1

Sadly, she does not realize that her state of Connecticut has passed a policy requiring all students across the state to obtain an ‘Affirmation of Consent‘ before engaging in any intimate activity. This basically means that the moment students get close enough to touch in an intimate way, the person pursing this must ask a series of questions and must receive answers in the way of affirmation that before proceeding with any intimacy is AOK.

This is clearly due to politically correct bullshit and the faux rape culture that progressives have forced upon us. This is not to say that rape does not happen, it is to say that progressive have created an atmosphere of a false reality where every man is a predator and every women (both adults mind you) are victims. Before anything ever happens. For f*cks sake, men are scared to death to even look at a chic. One wrong glance could get the guy locked up and put on a sex offender list. Women have all the power all while claiming victim, when in reality progressives have created an entire new group of victims: men.

Check out this BULLSHIT.

How does this policy even work? Even with this loose consent, if a woman cries rape, it still becomes a ‘he said, she said’ circumstance and in majority of cases, the man will always lose. Maybe I am jinxing it all by saying this, because next they will require legal documents be signed saying, “yes, you can kiss me, touch me and put your penis in my vagina and I’m AOK with it.”


The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women was formed in 1973 under Sec. 46a of the Connecticut General Statutes to study and improve Connecticut women’s economic security, health and safety; to promote consideration of qualified women to leadership positions; and to work toward the elimination of gender discrimination.

The senior policy adviser for the Connecticut Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, Jillian Gilchrest, released a statement.

Passage of this bill helps shift the culture away from one that assumes women’s bodies are there for the taking to a culture of autonomy and mutual respect. Affirmative Consent empowers men as well as women, because rather than be put on the defensive (waiting for a ‘no’) they can proceed confident in the knowledge they got a ‘clear, active and voluntary’ signal (a ‘yes’). Affirmative Consent is simply a standard that, when an alleged campus sexual assault is reported to college administration, helps clarify what took place.

Read that statement again. It is the most pathetic piece of garbage I have read in a long time. Women buy into this bullshit and men suffer because of it. Not only that, real rape victims suffer because who the hell is going to believe them now? There is a history of vile women setting men up and crying rape…because they can.

One. Only one senator did oppose the bill. Joe Markley, said that passing this bill, “criminalizes what many of us would consider entirely normal.” 


I am all about women sticking together, but I firmly stop when women engage in self-victim hood and feminist bullshit. Hating on men and blaming men for every damn thing they find negative does not fly with me. I choose women friends who are intelligent, strong minded and powerful. Not wimpy chics with daddy issues. I will stand by any man and defend him before those bitches.

[H/T Washington Examiner]


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