There used to be a time that if a business hired an illegal, they would get in serious trouble with the government. Then our POS in Chief who was voted in twice by absolute donkeys, changed it all up. If it were not bad enough that businesses have been trying to meet quotas on how many blacks, women, etc were employed, now they’re facing another special group to their ‘must hires.’ Illegals. It seems most businesses do ensure that they are not hiring illegals; however, many businesses seek out and hire illegals for cheep labor and just hoped the government did not catch on. But under Obama, those slave masters no longer had anything to worry about.

Obama’s horniness for illegals being brought in by the bus loads is in part the change of his American dream: Destroy her at all costs. And he has nearly fulfilled that nightmare.

Slowly, and too late quite frankly, states are starting to wake up. Indiana is one.

Senate Bill 285, which will go into affect on in September if passed, has changed Obama’s ballgame and pretty much has sat him on the bench until his booty is out of his Castle. If only one of those fly balls would….nevermind.

So, Senate Bill 285, in summary, pretty much brutally punishes business for knowingly hiring illegals. If a business seeks out and employees illegals to be their slaves (which is really what is happening), then BAM! said business loses their license. However, if businesses are found to have employed illegals (on accident) after using every means possible to background check them, they will not be held accountable. This is where mandatory e-verify comes into play. Not every business is using this service.


Perhaps if this law passes and other states follow suit, it will discourage illegals from wanting to come here. Shit, who am I kidding, they do not even need to work to fulfill their American dream.





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