CREEPY: Gravestone With Donald Trump’s Name on it Mysteriously Appears in Central Park


Back in March, a 420-pound tombstone with Donald Trump’s name mysteriously appeared in Central Park, leaving many baffled, to include the entire New York City police department.

But after weeks of mystery, the man behind the rather creepy obscurity was revealed, after police followed a single social media post which would eventually lead them to the Trump-hating hipster.

WND Reports:

Brian A. Whiteley, 33, told the New York Times in an interview arranged by a publicist he had bought the stone and placed it in the park because he was simply “trying to remind Donald what type of legacy he’s leaving behind. And also leaving the date of the death open, alluding to the fact that there’s still time to change who he is.”

The picture of the tombstone first began circulating on Twitter by “The Gothamist,” which included the image of a Christian cross along with the year Trump was born. The picture was then tweeted with the following message:

“TRUMP, DONALD J., Made America Hate Again.”

Police solved the puzzle, by reading The Gothamist’s story on the tombstone, which included an interview with an “anonymous artist.” Officers then paid the headstone-making business a visit, interviewing the owner, Michael Cassara, who then spilled the beans on the identity of the Central Park jokester.

Cassara described the man as a “hipster,” and then went on to reveal the man’s real name. Police then interviewed Whiteley, but did not charge him with any crime.

So far, the Trump campaign has yet to comment on the incident.

So besides whining about their “safe spaces,” it looks like hipsters have found a new hobby to keep them occupied: making creepy headstones of people they hate. These people seriously need to get a fucking life.




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