EXPOSED: Here Is How Facebook Enforces Their Community (Double) Standards


Former Facebook workers have recently revealed disturbing details regarding their experiences with Facebook’s selective policies and bias against Conservative news sites and Facebook pages.

A former curator who was a part of Facebook’s trending news team has stated,

“Depending on who was on shift, things would be blacklisted or trending.”

This story has gone viral among the Conservative-run pages on Facebook causing outrage.
But this story comes only from someone who worked on a team controlling Facebook’s trending news. After reading the former curator’s statement, I thought about my previous work experience with Facebook and decided not to be quiet about it any longer.

Here’s my story.

Due to job loss that resulted in a dire financial situation, our family was relocated to Winter Springs, FL. I was in desperate need of a job on the spot and I found a tiny call center in the corner of a plaza off US 17-92 and SR 434.

When I first arrived at this place, it gave off a very bad vibe. It was reeking with body odor and it possessed the total opposite of a professional atmosphere. Employees were being fired left and right, bosses were fighting with employees, former employees arrived threatening violence because they were never paid, etc.

It was bad.

I remember being so incredibly uncomfortable as I was in a room full of people I didn’t want to be around.

But I had a baby to provide for and I had to give it a shot until I could find something better.

There were two groups in this building. One group was to sell natural gas to customers up north and the other group was for Facebook.

Facebook paid this company to view reported photos and posts. The employee’s job was to make sure whether or not the reported posts or images violated community standards.
I recall several instances where an employee would call another employee over in order to look at a reported photo and comment on how sexy the scantily-clad person in the image was.

There were even instances where an employee would take a picture of the image with their cell phone to have it for their personal “uses.”

There was a photo of a woman exposing her nethers and an employee didn’t remove it because, “it wasn’t a sex act or pornography.”

One day, a group of people were hovering over an employee’s monitor laughing over a reported photo of a menstruating Jesus. Of course, a 30 minute session of Christian bashing followed suit.

None of these disgusting images were removed.

Of course, there were a couple people there who were decent and did their job correctly but they didn’t stick around very long. I only lasted a week and a half before I quit and found something better. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Facebook hires small fly-by companies to handle reported posts. I guess you can say to a certain extent that Facebook is relying on “community standards.” Because when you pay a shady company employing a group of low lives to set those standards, you’re going to have good people targeted.

This method prevents Facebook from being accountable because they can just say it’s the fault of the company they hired for not training their employee properly.

My experience happened 7 years ago. Shortly after I left, the company relocated and I don’t know if they changed their name.

If you are in the Sanford, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, and Winter Springs area and have been employed at this company or know someone who worked for this company, please contact me for questions. If you’re not from around the area yet have worked in a similar place with a Facebook contract, contact me.

More people need to speak out about this so the Facebook community can understand how they are banned for posts that really do not violate the standards Facebook claims to have.



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