VILE: Black Man Slaps Waitress With DISGUSTING Note After Refusing to Tip Her


What do you get when you have a holier than thou black Rhodes Scholar whose education is being paid for by dead white guy, and a blue-collar white waitress?

You get an elitist pig of a man and a devastated white girl. Typical of our white-hating black thug movement. Turns out this black hatred of white people movement is not limited to our shores. Nope. It extends all the way over to the African continent where black people still sell men and women into slavery. The sell them to our friends in the sandbox of the Middle East and the men are castrated and the women turned into sex slaves. If you don’t believe it, look it up. African blacks showing the love for their fellow black brothers and sisters.

So, Ntokozo Qwabe is an entitled black Rhodes scholar and Ashleigh Schultz are down-to-earth white waitress. Qwabe had lunch with an equally entitled buddy at the Obz Café in Western Cape, South Africa. Ms. Schultz was his waitress. When it came to pay the bill Qwabe did so and he left Ms. Schultz a “tip.”

“We will give tip when you return the land.”

Really? The land that your people steal from others when you sell them off into slavery as indicated above? That land?

Qwabe went and posted his asinine behavior to social media because he was “unable to stop smiling because something so black and wonderful had happened.”

Ms. Schultz was heartbroken. In reality she should have been angry and marched right on over and poured a pitcher of ice-water over his and his friend’s heads to cool off their hot to trot butts. Then again, she needs the job. She needs it desperately. Qwabe, the entitled black guy who owes it all to the dead white guy, had no idea what Schultz’s life was/is like. She works multiple jobs to pay for her mother’s cancer treatment. Qwabe clearly has no understanding of compassion for another human being. Why would he? He doesn’t have to work for anything at this point in his life.

Good people rallied to Ms. Schultz’s side and managed to raise $5,000 in three days so as to assist her in helping her mom. That is showing love for your fellow brothers and sisters. Black people the world over ought to be insulted and angered by the actions of Ntokozo Qwabe.

H/T [Mad World News]

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