TREASON! Obama Just RELEASED the Terrorist Responsible For the SLAUGHTER of 17 Soldiers


On almost a daily basis, the treasonous asshat occupying the White House makes his distain for America more and more evident. But this time, his antics are sending a crystal clear message to our enemies: Kill Americans, and I’ll release you back into the world, scott-free!

According to reports, Obama just released another one of his Islamic butt-buddies, in the form of Mashur Abdallah Ahmed al Sabri. Sabri was the terrorist mastermind behind the USS Cole attack that tragically killed 17 American Sailors back in October 2000. King Obama released him from GITMO, despite the terrorist being classified as a “high risk” and “likely to pose a threat to the U.S., its interests, and allies.”

Unreal. How much more damage can Obama do to America before his time as occupier of the White House runs out?

H/T [Front Page Mag]



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