[WATCH] Anti-Social Justice Warriors HUMILIATE the Safe Space Culture, and it’s Hilarious!


The Left has gone too far. After years of pissing and moaning about slavery, Jim Crow and “institutional racism,” they’ve come full circle. Self-segregation has become all the rage on college campuses across The West. If you are a Feminist who finds Emily Bronte to not embody the 2016 feminist ideal of “needing a man like a fish needs a bicycle,” they can claim that they are #Triggered. They can claim that they are uncomfortable and require and Safe Space where they can eat Snickers and draw in coloring books.

The Left has gone too far.

Classes that teach Catcher in Rye now come with Trigger Warnings because Salinger used the word “nigger.” Personally, I didn’t like Catcher in the Rye. I thought it was a pretentious turd. I’m still glad I was able to make MY OWN judgement on what turned out to be a highly overrated book. However, the idea a book should come with a warning – that books can literally hurt people like mind shrapnel – makes me proud have been alive long enough to remember when only “Sticks and Stones break your bones.” Hurt feelings? Grow up! I always thought that humans have personal responsibility for their own feelings. The more you externalize and blame others for your status in life (and moreover, your “feelings” about it), the less capable you are of solving any real problems. Plus, it aborts the language by which we organize our thoughts, making meaningful communication impossible.

Social Justice has become a religion for many, and nothing brings you closer to Heaven for the religion of SJWs than to be a relentless, perpetual VICTIM; and nothing says Holy Temple like a Safe Space. Lefties pride themselves on being “areligious.” They’re not at all. They’re some of most devoutly committed zealots on the planet – and just like the Religion of Peace, they aren’t happy if you don’t think the things that they think.

There remains a hope. Anti-SJW’s do not sit idly by while these spiritually and emotionally vacant cyphers take over the educational system. Bookmark this article! If we are going to fight for REAL EQUALITY, we ought to arm ourselves with intellectual arguments. We need to define our terms and understand terms the Left has thrust upon us. Segregation belongs on the ash heap of history. Call it a “Safe Space.” Call it a Cherry Pie, for all I care. It’s segregation.

The links below contain little cultural injections of reason and evidence, sprinkled with some common sense comedy that is bound to get you Triggered. Nothing is as disarming as a good joke! Use this knowledge and fun in good health…to obliterate SJW Culture.

The Death of Political Correctness | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux from Stefan Molyneux on Vimeo.

Safe Space
©2016 Brett Segal
You call it social justice
You call it social justice,
But that’s just a fraud.
You light fires in the hearts of the weak.
You make them think that they don’t belong.

And no one wants to be pushed to the back of the bus,
And they say, “Walk on by. You’re not one of us.”

You need a safe space from the truth.
You need a safe space for all the youth.
You need a safe space.
You need a safe space.

You’ll rot til you’re old and gray,
Angered and sick,
Alone in that safe space.
Shielded from everything real,
Reality waits while you’re
trapped in that safe space.

You’re missing the point of life,
You’re wasting your time.
You’ll die in that safe space.
Don’t play the victim,
It’s getting old.
Come out of your safe space.

There’s got to be more than this,
A victim ashamed,
Consigned to that safe space.
A snowflake who’s melting before our eye
Get out of your safe space.

You’re missing the point of life,
You’ll bully your friend
You’ll cry in that safe space.
Don’t play the victim,
It’s getting old.
Come out of your safe space.
You precious snowflake.

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