Goat FK-ers “Offended” by the SMELL OF BACON Coming From a Restaurant, So Here’s What They Did


It doesn’t take much these days to piss off the Muzzie community. From a simple cartoon depicting their prophet, to too much ankle showing in public, anything can send these lovely people into a psychotic rage.

But now they’ve found something even more ridiculous to be offended over: the SMELL of bacon! Restaurant owners Beverly and Cetin Akciecek had no idea that the sweet smell of bacon emanating from their establishment would instantly offend the local Muslims, who then took their frustrations to officials, griping that the “foul odor” was making them “physically sick.”

Following the complaints, officials ruled that it was “unacceptable for neighboring residents” to have to endure the scent of bacon. Additionally, the Akcieceks have been forced to remove the extractor fan in their restaurant, so the aroma could not be leaked into the nostrils of the butthurt Muzzie community. The fan in question had been installed in Beverly’s Snack Shack for over three years in order to improve air circulation for the staff and patrons in the restaurant.

The people of the United Kingdom better get a handle on this shit, or they will soon lose all of their freedoms for the sake of political correctness. Good luck pulling that shit here in America, twats. I guarantee we won’t be deflecting the scent of our bacon cooking anytime soon, in order to accommodate your fucking feelings!

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