BREAKING: Look What RUSSIA Just Did to our Air Force With a NUCLEAR Submarine


Is anyone else concerned that the recent “unsafe and unprofessional” show of force bullshit Russia has been pulling lately?

I mean, we’ve had:

  • A barrel roll just 25 feet from an American reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea a week ago. Mirror
  • Outfitting planes to exercise its flyover rights in February this year Newsfoxes
  • Russia purchasing 5 dolphins for military training purposes last week. Mirror
  • Two Russian warplanes flew close-quarters passes near a US guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea. US Navy
  • Russian MiG-31 jet flew about 50 feet of the US P-8 “spy” plane. Mirror

Now the latest pissing contest between the US and Russia seems to be in the form of a Severodvinsk NUCLEAR submarine shooting a Kalibr missile in the Barents Sea. The missile launch was part of Russian navy training drill at a coastal training target.

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The Russian Navy bragged in a statement:

“A strike group of the flotilla has conducted firing drills using naval practice targets and hit them successfully.

This latest missile test is concerning US officials as a new Cold War seems to be creeping up on us.

Earlier this month Admiral Mark Ferguson, the US naval commander in Europe, told CNN that Russian submarine activity was at levels not seen since the Cold War. The country’s new boats are “much more stealthy”, he said.

He added that the Russians “have more advanced weapons systems, missile systems that can attack land at long ranges, and we also see their operating proficiency is getting better as they range farther from home waters.”

Can our Navy say the same? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming our men and women in uniform IN ANY WAY. However if when you compare the Russian Navy’s maneuvers to our recent run in with the Iranian Navy moral is very low.

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