BREAKING: lSlS KILLS 8 Policemen in Drive-by Shooting


The religion of peace has struck again, this time targeting a group of police officers who were on duty in Cairo, Egypt. According to reports, lSlS militants drove by in a pickup truck, where they proceeded to mow down the officers with heavy gunfire.

The officers were in the process of making their routine patrols before the deadly attack.

According to local reports, the militants were waving an lSlS flag before they went on their killing rampage.

American Freedom Fighters reports:

A statement from Egyptian government officials confirmed that at least five people were involved in the attack, and that four were hiding in the back of the pickup truck before opening fire.

The ministry added in a statement on its official Facebook page that four gunmen carrying automatic weapons had attacked a police car.

We will keep you updated as more details become available.

H/T [American Freedom Fighters]



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