Here’s The REALLY SICK Way Chelsea Clinton Wants You To Spend Mother’s Day


There’s nothing like hijacking a family holiday in order to further your political agenda, and for Chelsea Clinton, she’s absolutely shameless this Mother’s Day about promoting the Butcherer of Benghazi. Blasting a letter out on behalf of her mother’s campaign, she not only used the occasion to squeeze out more donations, but then asked America to take it even a step further.

“With all the noise out there, it can be hard to remember how many of us there are who are standing with my mom, fighting by her side to break down the barriers that hold people back,” the email read, according to The Daily Caller.

“So for Mother’s Day, I thought we could show her just how many of us are on her side — that’s why I’m putting together a Mother’s Day card for the whole campaign family to sign.

“Will you take a moment to add your name and send my mom some good thoughts? We’re going to give her the card and all the signatures on Sunday, and I know how much she’d appreciate hearing from you,” the email continued.

“Thank you. I’m so happy you’re part of this team — and I know my mom is, too.”

Yeah that’s ok, Chelsea. Maybe instead of trying to promote your crooked murdering shitbag of a mom, we should send our condolences to the mothers of these brave 4 men, who lost their sons thanks to your dear mother, Hillary Clinton.

Nauseating. Everyone should tweet this pic to Hillary

go fuck yourself

H/T [Conservative Tribune]

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