BREAKING: We May Know Why Cruz And Kasich Suddenly Dropped Out

Cruz Trump Kasich
Cruz Trump Kasich

Everyone is wondering why Governor John Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the 2016 GOP presidential race within 18 hours of each other. From what I have gathered from sources, it looks like both men could be setting themselves up for a Vice Presidential slot.

During the GOP primary on May 3,  both Kasich and Cruz were defeated by Donald Trump.  The sounding defeat left both men with no clear path to win the GOP nomination, which initially seemed to be the reason they dropped out. But there could be another explanation…

As reported by Opposing Views:

Trump has now officially turned his attention to choosing a VP candidate, and it seems at least somewhat likely that both Cruz and Kasich are angling for a better job.

Kasich, specifically, is the main reason why one of Trump’s chief rivals in the early going, Marco Rubio, was never able to get the Establishment to organize around him. Similarly, Cruz and Trump were on very good terms prior to becoming the last two standing – is it really a stretch to assume that relationship can get back on solid footing if both men stand to gain from it?

So if either John Kasich or Ted Cruz was to become Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential choice, that would explain why both of them dropped out of the 2016 Presidential Race so quickly.


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