[Song] Epic Battle between Obama and Lady Liberty: You won’t believe who Obama calls for help!


We all remember when the Divider-in-Chief told Americans, “You Didn’t Build That.”

Never has a presidential hopeful revealed more to the deaf ears of the Politically Corrected about his intentions for the US of A. He was revealing jealousy of Americans and their indomitable, enterprising spirit. He was revealing his distain for American values. Many proud patriots were listening closely – most lulled dummies, were not.
You. Didn’t. Build. That.

Elegant. Unoriginal. Smooth. Despicable.

We’ve heard this song and dance before. He was revealing that he was never anything more than a mooching, looting Marxist – jealous of Success. The only “transformation” he ever wanted to make for America was a transformation from a state of existence to a state of nonexistence.
This song depicts an epic battle between Barack Obama and Lady Liberty. He wants to fundamentally transform her. She is not having it.


“Politics is downstream from culture” – Andrew Breitbart

You Didn’t Build That
©2015 Brett Segal
You stand beneath the lemon tree
Thinking of things you could make it be
The warning sign says not to try,
But fear is that for which you don’t have the time.
But you think about it every day and night
You go to sleep. You wake up to fight.
Those who’d love to see you fall.
Those who think they know it all.

And every time you try to pierce through the noise
(paving your own roads),
They rejoice,
“You didn’t build that!
They’ll pin you down and leave you there without a choice
As they rejoice,
“You didn’t build that.

How’s it goin baby, You know it’s time that we talk.
I’m feeling presidential.
Come on, lets go for a walk.
I think it’s time that we transform you fundamentally
A couple minor tweaks, here’s how it’s gonna be.

You need some new threads,
You need some new shoes.
You need to drop some weight,
And cover up those boobs
You need some new friends,
The Jew ain’t gonna do.
Allah Uakbar,
It’s time to get down on your knees, boo!

Lady Liberty:
Hold up a second, you can’t be for real
The values that stand for, have mass appeal
Like the right to draw whatever I please.
I won The Revolution, don’t get butthurt, I’m free!
You think I’m kidding, try to put me on my knees!
Not into sex with children! Not into slavery!
If you want a piece of this, you’ll take me as I am:
A red, white and blue, home grown American!

Shut up Ms. America!
I’m offended that you said that.
You racist, islamophobic, Jew-loving piece bat crap!
Sex, with a child – I’ll do it cuz I can!
Muhammad told me that in the Holy Quran.
But a woman talking back?
There’s something very wrong with that!
The Hubris!
The Audacity!
Habib, Get out my prayer mat!
Derka Derka Allah, How on Earth do I reach her?

Bakalka Derka Jihad!!! just teach her!
Obama, my child, you’re coming on way too strong.
To fool the Great Satan, just pretend like you belong.
Put your hand upon the Bible, it’s ok if you lie
Soon, you will sentence Ms. America to die.
And like a house of cards, she’ll come tumbling down,
if you tell her she’s no better than the rest of the clowns
So when she starts mouthing of about freedom and crap,
You look her right in the eyes and say, “You didn’t build that”

I think we got off on the wrong foot
Before we go too crazy, not just way you dress.
Your level of achievement, you don’t deserve success
It cus you’re white and privileged, haven’t raised the bar
You know it’s quite oppressive, how deep your pockets are.

There’s a lot of smart folks that don’t make the cheddar
So it’s your job to make them better.
Don’t they have a right to have your shit?
You better say yes, or I’ll call you a bigot.

So, surrender your guns your cash,
I’ll spread the wealth around as fast as The Flash, HA!
You know it’s only fair a social justice, thing,
Plus I need a million bucks a pop to practice on my golf swing.
And while the rest of you are drowning in debt,
Michelle and I are flying to the same place in two separate jets.
I’m an Emperor with brand new clothes,
So what if I’m butt naked! I’m the one that y’all chose.

Lady Liberty:
Alright, Obama, I don’t think you heard me.
In my country you only get what you deserve, B.
Here in America, ain’t no free lunch.
I didn’t invent the slave, But I freed a bunch.
And every time that call me a racist,
It get’s more clear that you’re a bully and fascist!
And you want my gun come try and take it,
Out of my cold, dead hands you’ll have to break it.

Obama, my child, you did as I said.
But the America Chick, she’s got a brain in her head.
Are you sure that these tactics will win us the day?
I’m a little bit scared and a little bit gay!
And I when I say that I’m Gay, I don’t mean Happy a lot!
That’s why we must destroy her while we’ve got the shot!
I thought this coup de etat would be lots fun,
But I’m totally stressed!
Where’s a goat when you need one?

Allah, my master, stay with me, my man
Hold yourself together
Its as according to planned:
To make the country poor
To brake the ties that band.
I’ll get the virgins, right?
Little girls to keep me warm at night.

And when it hit the fan, I’ll be long gone.
Been working on this evil plan oh so very long,
After we escape once we pull the trigger,
We’ll slither out of site and just blame the…..

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