Police Search Woman’s Purse and Make a HORRIFYING Discovery


While police in San Antonio were arresting a woman for drug-related charges they made a gruesome discovery.

Thirty-two-year-old Bernadette Rivera was approached by officers when she violated a park curfew. Officers found several bags of narcotics on Rivera, including heroin and methamphetamines, hidden near her private area. She was arrested on three drug charges on the spot.

While officers were searching Rivera she disclosed that she had a fetus tucked away in her purse and that she had recently miscarried. Rivera claimed that a nurse had instructed her to bring the fetus’s remains home with her.

San Antonio Police Department Public Information Officer Romana Lopez reportedly stated that the fetus was estimated to be approximately 8 weeks gestation.

A follow-up investigation conducted by the San Antonio police Department found that Rivera was recently seen at the local hospital after her miscarriage and left with the remains after deciding that she would determine what to do with the roughly 2-inch long remains of the fetus, which were kept in a plastic Q-tip case.


Another case in Murfreesboro, Tennessee was recently reported where a woman named Anna Yocca reportedly attempted to abort her baby in a bath tub using a coat hanger. She became alarmed when she began to bleed profusely. Her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital where the baby was luckily saved, but sustained damage to the lungs, eyes and heart from the coat hanger. Yocca was 24-weeks pregnant. She has been charged with attempted first-degree murder in the case. The baby only weighed 1.5 pounds at birth.

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