Project Veritas is an organization set out to expose corruption. According to Founder, James O’Keefe, their mission is:

Investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.


They were the first to investigate and uncover Obama’s criminal organization, ACORN. They also have been involved in investigating and uncovering things from Common Core, to Medicade to Border Patrol, and even Al Sharpton. They are most known for their undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood.

To watch and read more of their undercover investigations, visit their website HERE and click on ‘Works’.

In light of today’s bullsh*t over gender neutral bathrooms, they have taken this on too.  In the video below, Project Veritas undercover journalists visit the University of North Carolina, Asheville campus. One poses as a man who likes to go into women’s bathrooms and take snapchat pictures, admitting he is not a confused transman, but just a perv. Another poses as a woman who likes to go into men’s bathrooms to see their dicks, as she puts it. Both UNCatA staff members who are Title IX Mandatory Reporters not only OK this, they encourage it. At one point a staff member tells the [faux] pervert man not to say anything more, while at the same time is encouraging him. You really have to watch the video to get the full mind explosion of what is going on, right now, all over the country.

University of North Carolina (all campuses) have what is called, Title IX (click here to read it all), which states:

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination and sexual harassment. Sexual assault and sexual violence are forms of sexual or gender-based harassment that are prohibited by Title IX.


Obviously, in both cases, these [faux] pervs would be engaging in sexual harassment and quite frankly, criminal behavior.

UNCatA has violated their own Title IX along with North Carolina’s state law, HB2 which states (in summary):

North Carolina’s new law sets a statewide definition of classes of people who are protected against discrimination: race, religion, color, national origin, age, handicap or biological sex as designated on a person’s birth certificate. Sexual orientation – people who are gay – was never explicitly protected under state law and is not now, despite recent court decisions that legalized same-sex marriage.

It is now becoming an epidemic of perverts taking advantage of progressive asshats and their gender neutral bathroom push.  To read a list of stories that show how gender neutral bathrooms are actually dangerous, click on this article by Freedom Out Post.

I am sure most readers here are not okay with what has been uncovered, so please share with those who find nothing wrong with free-for-all bathrooms!

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[H/T Project Veritas]

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