Chinese Government Goes Bananas: It’s Now ILLEGAL To Eat This Fruit on Camera


I have mentioned before how uncomfortable it is for me to make eye contact with a man while eating a banana.

It appears that the Chinese government feels the same way for they have now banned videos showing women, “seductively eating bananas.”

China’s state run CCTV reported that government authorities are implementing new ways to combat inappropriate and erotic content on the internet.

First target: Phallic fruits.

The Chinese people are a bit confused as to how the government will keep tabs on who is and who isn’t eating fruit suggestively on a webcam.

It’s a legitimate concern since men do tend to find it somehow sexual when a woman is placing a phallic shaped object between her lips. So is it going to become a thought crime when a woman eats a banana while talking to her guy friends on Skype?

Though at this point, government officials are targeting websites known for suggestive content but how far is this going to go?

Is it going to be an automatic assumption that a woman couldn’t possibly be eating a banana in front of a webcam for reasons other than trying to arouse her viewers?

After the next Farmer’s Market stake-out has taken place, I’m sure Chinese authorities will let us know.

Yes, it’s a Japanese commercial. Just roll with it.

H/T Independent



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