Sorry Liberals, America IS GREAT and Here Is Why….


You’re not free unless you’re “American” Free

Written and Posted by The General

The Left will have you believe that this country is deeply rooted in racism – that evil white people (in 2016, mind you) are hitching a free piggyback ride on the work and ingenuity of minorities. They decry: patriarchy, white privilege, micro-aggressions and institutional racism – as if such a nasty mindset as RACISM is exacerbated by qualifying it with the word “institutional.” Racism is bad, however you qualify it. I choose to peer into America’s “institutional” demeanor on a much larger time-scale, not the few decades between The American Revolution and The Civil War. It’s the only honest way.

As Europe forged west, the budding New America became the birthplace of the society that officially dismantled the institution of slavery and racism. The West made the word “slave” a dirty one – and the action of owning slaves a crime against humanity. The phrase “white guilt” has become very popular, but the real guilt – the guilt that subsumes all other guilt – is Western Guilt, the guilt of moral success. We are supposed to feel bad for having a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and the time in our lives to do more than simply survive. Instead of being proud to live in the culture that brought light to the world, we are supposed to feel like scum for every brick in our homes, for every morsel on our plate. I could cite all the cutting edge technology and modern niceties bred in liberty. I could describe how American capitalism lifted darkness off the earth. I could give countless reasons how the left has tried to undercut liberty every step of the way. In the same way as a tree grows toward the sun, humans grow toward liberty. The West recognized that it’s Natural to be free. Even that reasoning fails the logic test, though. Natural doesn’t mean Good. Cancer is “natural.” The only reason which matters is the moral one. The West recognized something a little less natural, that Freedom is the only MORAL way to live – that humans have inalienable rights that only God can take away.

Even decades before the American Revolution took place, there were stirrings of abolitionism throughout the colonies. Yes, that means WHITE PEOPLE. In 1724, Louie the 14th (a WHITE GUY) implemented Code Nior in the Louisiana Colony, which gave unprecedented rights to slaves, including the right to marry and the right to stay unified with family. It also encouraged slave owners (WHITE GUYS and BLACK GUYS) to act humanely and outlawed the torture of slaves. Remember, THIS WAS NOT THE UNITED STATES YET. We were “glorified Europe” at the time. Even still, many blacks had earned freedom, got educated, owned businesses, owned property, voted AND EVEN OWNED SLAVES!

Though slavery boomed under British Rule, between 1774 and 1786, nearly every colony had laws that banned or limited the slave trade. 80 years before the Civil War and throughout the time we fought for our independence, Americans, the French and the British all took measures to towards the end of slavery.

Since the American Revolution, this country has been cleaning up the messes of Millennia of faulty government structures, many of which found slavery to be moral and a net good for society. The United States was the first of its kind, a country whose fundamental principles were based on God given rights. The day the Constitution was ratified, marked the beginning of the countdown until slavery in the West was tossed on the ash heap of history where it belongs. It was only a matter of time before Slavery was abolished in America. Naturally, it was a matter of time until segregation in America ended as well. It was just a matter of time until the patriotic spirit of the founding fathers bled into all facets of the world.

You’re not FREE unless you’re AMERICAN FREE

In the 21st Century, American freedom is the standard by which we compare other “forms” of freedom: you’re not really free unless you’re American Free. As a country, we lifted the mask off any country or person that would keep slaves while attempting to justify it morally. Slavery is evil and any person who sanctions slavery is also evil. You’re welcome, world.

To anyone who still thinks that America hasn’t made globally unprecedented strides in the protection of rights for all humans since the time of “Slavery” in America or The West in general, go watch Roots, or Amistad and then tell me how micro-aggressed you feel. I won’t direct you to statistics or facts. If you don’t already acknowledge that America is more than just a “beacon of hope,” you’re probably reading your history wrong or haven’t ever taken a good look outside. If you think life in the 21st Century is in any way comparable to the days when America began the healing of thousands of years of racist scars, you are living a Shakespearean tragedy, chalk full of jealousy, irony, senseless murders and ruthless villains. I feel for you, I really do. “America” began the task of repairing this broken world long before the states were the United States and only Lady Liberty could have done what she did.

A short history lesson. The word “Slave” has medieval roots going back before the 9th century (for dummies, that’s in the 700’s, right around the time Islam was gearing up for world domination). “Slavic” in Medieval Latin, meant “Captive.” The word went through many permutations and crossed many countries before it landed upon “slave” sometime in the 15th Century in Middle English (the 1400’s, long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue). The word was made popular because thousand of WHITE Slavs were forced to work after a conquest. (WHITE SLAVES in the 1400’s? No, It’s not a typo.)

Now: a short lesson on the culture before I close. You don’t hear about WHITE SLAVES from the Left, do you? Well, because that would make division politics (the only card The Left has to play) and the practice of slavery a “white problem” too. If it was a “white problem” long before it was ever a “black problem,” well that means that white people have nothing to feel guilty about. If Black Men owned slaves as well, maybe folks should start talking about “Black guilt” too. Baseless charges or racism and white guilt are nothing but batons with which to beat successful Western Capitalists into silence. It’s nasty, it’s gross and it says a lot more about person making the charge than it does about the person being charged.

To close: Slavery was around long before English was an official language – long before the New World was settled – long before there was a “Great Satan” or “Imperial America.” For anyone who has tried to read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in Middle English, you’d rest easy that Americans did not invent slavery and did not invent racism. Slavery was brought here, TO the Americas. America put the kibosh on that faster and more decisively than any nation before or since. Stop blaming the United States of America for all the ills in the world. It’s in poor taste and makes you look uneducated and ungrateful.

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