INFURIATING: lSlS Films Destruction Of an Ancient City [VIDEO]


Palmyra, once known as ‘Venice in the sands’, has been destroyed by lSlS.

Dabiq ISIS magazine ISIS destroying ancient ruins of Palmyra
Dabiq ISIS magazine ISIS destroying ancient ruins

Palmyra was one of the best preserved historic sites in the Middle East and one of the top attractions for tourists in Syria.

It was a wealthy city of 200,000 residents. The Palmyrenes were famed as great merchants who established colonies along the Silk Road and negotiated throughout the Roman Empire.


The Palmyra amphitheater was the location where the viral video showing lSlS child soldiers executing 25 prisoners took place.

Khaled al-Asaad, the curator Palmyra’s historic artifacts, was beheaded by lSlS after he defied their demands to give up the location of ancient treasures.


Mr. Asaad was involved in the early excavation and restoration work at the site, and carried on this work for four decades. Syrian antiquities chief Maamoun Abdulkarim stated that Asaad’s son and son-in-law were involved in the rescue of 400 antiquities as the city was being destroyed by lSlS.

Asaad is hailed as a hero for giving his life to the cause of preserving an important part of human history.

Temple of Baal in ruins in Palmyra
Barrels of explosives used to destroy temples and arch of Palmyra

These goat humpers are nothing more than barbaric scum intent on destroying absolutely everything and everyone.

lSlS is already in the U.S.

Are we going to allow them to destroy our historical landmarks?

Watch the video below.

H/T Daily Mail

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