Man Files Restraining Order Against GOD… Here’s Why


Out of all the crazy things going on and people doing weird things, I thought I had heard it all. Boy was I wrong! This past week an unnamed Israeli man officially issued a restraining order in an ongoing battle between him and God. For the past three years, the man who wishes to remain anonymous, has been trying to get the Haifa Magistrate’s Court to take his case seriously. According to John Doe, God had been giving the guy a hard time and exhibiting negative feelings towards him. Sounds like the man needs a little time in the loony bin if you ask me.


Obviously, God had not come down to deal with this lunatic’s demands. I’m sure no one would have a problem staying away from someone who is obviously unstable! Presiding Judge, Ahsan Canaan, denied the man’s ludicrous request and ruled that God had not in fact, showed for the hearing, and no surprise at that.


H/T[Times of Israel]

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