lslamic Indoctrination: Look Who Sesame Street Is Adding To Their Lineup


In another disgusting display of liberals indoctrinating our children with Islamic bullshit, Sesame Street is now becoming the latest platform for their nauseating progressive agenda.

The PBS show has low introduced a new character to their lineup, a Muzzie puppet by the name of Zari. Complete with an Islamic head scarf, the character greeted children with an opening Arabic greeting found in the Quran in her debut.

“As-Salam,” which is the beginning part of the Quranic phrase, “As-Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatallah,” which means, “May peace and Allah’s mercy be upon you.”

The female character will supposedly teach children about the “importance of good health, universal acceptance and the empowerment of girls.”

“The exciting part about Zari is that she is modeling for young girls that it is wonderful to go to school and that it’s OK to dream about having a career,” Sesame Street VP of Global Impact, Sherrie Westin stated.

What a bunch of bullshit propaganda. Anyone that knows anything about Islam or Sharia Law, knows that females in the Middle East are prohibited from learning at all, and fear being killed if they are caught studying or reading.  Women and girls are routinely treated like the mere property of the male population, and regularly we hear incidents of females being raped, beaten, or even disfigured with acid if they get out of line. Oh, but let’s have Zari the fucking puppet teach children about how peaceful and wonderful Muslims are. RIGHT.

In Afghanistan:

  • 85 percent of Afghan women have no formal education and are illiterate,
  • 40 percent of Afghan girls attend elementary school; only one in 20 study beyond the sixth grade,
  • Roughly three times more boys attend school than girls,
  • Most Afghan parents believe it is unnecessary for girls to be educated. Schools for girls have been burned down, hundreds of their teachers continue to be threatened or killed, and girls continue to fear being physically harmed or killed while walking to or from school,
  • More than 50 percent of Afghan girls are married or engaged by age 12,
  • Almost 60 percent of girls are married by age 16,
  • 80 percent of forced and arranged marriages occur in poor rural areas to far older men including, 60 years old and older– whom they meet for the first time at their “wedding,
  • “The risk of death during pregnancy or childbirth for girls under 14 is five times higher than for adult women.
  • Afghan widows, on average, are 35 years-old; 94 percent are illiterate; most have more than four children to support.

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