[VIDEO] Jews Fleeing Israel After Decades of Terror, Now lslamists Are Crying Racism



by The General

Leftism isn’t known for its consistencies. Accepting the Leftist ideology categorically leads to cognitive dissonance in almost every facet of life. For example, Black Lives Matter charlatans drool about the racism of “gentrification” and “cultural appropriation,” but when evil whitey takes the hint and moves to another town, they drool out of the opposite sides of their mouths about the racism of “white flight.” Would you make up your damn mind?

The same applies all around the world, especially in the State of Israel. The Holy Land was a salted barren desert until the Jews turned it into a thriving oasis. Muslims in Israel live far better than Muslims in any of the 60 Muslim theocracies. You’d think the Muslims would take a lesson from the Jews and terraform the rest of the Middle East into a Paradise on Earth. No, now that there is something worthwhile on that land, they want the Jews gone from Israel, as though what made that land great, was the land itself.  The Jew’s had “nothing to do with it.”  This school of thought is reminiscent of the idea that if we funnel billions of dollars into poor communities, we can “terraform” a rotting culture.  This relativistic undercurrent is what binds The Left and Islam in the same cocoon of unreality.

But what if the Jews decided to take the hint like many of the white families who flee decrepit neighborhoods? What if Jews made a mass exodus from the Middle East? What if there was “Jewish flight?” Watch this and see…

No wonder Islam and Leftism have been so buddy buddy throughout history.  They are practically the same thing.

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