Connecticut Passes Controversial Gun Control Bill


A new bill has been passed in the Connecticut General Assembly and is expected to be approved by the Senate on Monday. The intent is to provide more protection for victims of domestic violence by confiscating the firearm of a subject who was given a temporary restraining order.

Gov. Dannel Malloy claims this bill is vital and believes,

“We have a moral obligation to work to prevent needless tragedy and to make this the law. Women in abusive relationships are five times more likely to be killed if their abuser has access to a firearm. When an instance of domestic violence rises to the point that a temporary restraining order is needed, we must do everything we can to prevent tragedy. Now, Connecticut will take a commonsense step towards strengthening and enhancing our gun violence protection laws.”

Currently, it is only subjects with permanent restraining orders who are not allowed to possess any firearm. But because a permanent restraining order takes a while to process, the government of Connecticut believes that the victim’s life is in fatal danger in the meantime.

Yes, the government believes that one piece of paper can protect a person more than another piece of paper.

With this new bill, the subject of the temporary restraining order is given 24 hours to turn in all their firearms.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal believes that the U.S. senate should follow suit, making this a national law.

“Congress must follow Connecticut’s lead and end its complicity with domestic violence gun deaths by passing national legislation prohibiting domestic abusers from having firearms. My measure would save lives by preventing domestic abusers across the country from purchasing or possessing guns.”

Connecticut Citizens Defense League president Scott Wilson voices his concerns over this gross violation of the 2nd amendment:

“We feel it is important for the public to understand that individuals who may be served with an order of this type do not even have to be charged with any crime, let alone convicted of wrong-doing. It’s very unfortunate that proponents of this bill that hold office and have sworn to uphold our constitution are working hand in hand with groups that are specifically misleading the public.”

He is absolutely right.

We have too many people (especially women) abusing the system. Because of this new law, people will have their firearms and rights snatched away over the whims of a person and their fabricated testimonies.

“He hurt my feelings and I’m in fear for my life.”

The Democrats in Connecticut (not to mention the scandalous Blumenthal) have no real interest in the reality that if a person was intent on murdering someone else, a freaking restraining order isn’t going to stop them. Once a person reaches that threshold, there is no going back.

A piece of paper given by the court isn’t going to stop murder. There are thousands of cases where the perpetrator murders a victim who has a restraining order in place for protection.

Most of these cases happened in heavy gun control states.


This bill is just another overreach by the government that claims taking away our fundamental rights is for the “greater good.”

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that these measures are going to make a difference? Do you really think that a citizen should have their means of protection taken away because someone told a story about them that is possibly untrue? Do you believe that the Liberals are using any excuse possible to disarm America?


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