Cop Bodycam Footage Shows Gunfight Shootout At Hospital With a CRAZED Man


Watch the intense moment when a man arrived at Seminole County Hospital and opened fire on law enforcement.

Chericia Brown and estranged husband Henry Brown with one of their children.

Henry Brown stabbed his wife Chericia Brown 15-times in a Chili’s parking lot, ran her over with his vehicle, and left her body to pick up his children from the babysitter. Upon finding out his wife was taken to the hospital, he went the medical facility and opened fire on law enforcement. He escaped with his children only to murder them a short time later and then took his own life.

One might wonder how such a tragedy could unfold. Sadly, it is due to the incompetence of one Sheriff Deputy.

Deputy Chad Tavenner of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department was fired after failing to report a domestic violence case that happened just 9 days before the murder-suicide in Sanford, Florida.

Estranged from her husband Henry Brown, Chericia Brown dialed 911 when her husband violated a restraining order by arriving at KinderCare, stealing her spark plugs and following her in a threatening manner.

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part 2

Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger came forward and stated that Deputy Tavenner failed to file a report after the incident. Deputy Tavenner was also dispatched a short time later to investigate a car driven by a man who fit Henry Brown’s description but failed to do so.

Because of Deputy Tavenner’s complete ineptitude, innocent children were murdered by their own father.

This very tragic case is just another reminder that restraining orders are no guarantee for safety.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are involved in an abusive relationship, please get help and arm yourselves.

The law can only do so much (and in this case, so little). Don’t let yourself or your children be another murder statistic.

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