The lovely and ‘woman of the people’ was recently visiting a New York subway to show the world how she truly can relate to us pathetic little people. She failed miserably at a task that is done by thousands of New Yorkers every day, even by those trashed beyond oblivion.

A video by a citizen has just surfaced of Hillary’s campaign stunt at the Subway showing just what a narcissistic bitch and certainly NOT a ‘woman of the people’ she is.

An innocent young black girl was just standing there in front of the train waiting to get on. She obviously had no care about the Queen who was there next to her. Suddenly, Hillary’s campaign henchmen push her aside and hold her back from getting on the train so that Hillary could get on first and allowing a photo op to take place.

Watch the disgusting behavior below:

This woman is NOT a real person as she claims:


Please share, as the MSM will never ever touch this!

[H/T Conservative Tribune]

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