Anonymous has a new target and they plan to hit her hard. Hillary Clinton.

In a newly released video Anon threatens to expose Hillary, and if history tells us anything, they tend to follow through on their threats.

They claim they plan to “expose everything” while “the truth is about to catch up to her” and tell her “It appears that lying has become second nature to you…” 

After going through a list of Hillary’s appalling wrong doings and asking her if she remembers them, Anon responds with, “we remember it all, as we do not forget and we do not forgive.”

While most believe that Hillary has a kill list and a long rap sheet of dead associates and enemies under her, it will be very hard for her to add Anonymous to that list, which is beautiful!

Watch the chilling video below.

We can only hope that Anonymous follows through and brings this bitch to her knees, because so far, nobody else is willing to do the dirty job.




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