SEE IT: HUGE Butthurt From the Left After Trump Is Last Man Standing

If elected will Trump bring tyranny to a new level in America?
If elected will Trump bring tyranny to a new level in America?

Now that both Cruz and Kasich have both dropped out of the race, what is left? Trump obviously, as he is the only one left on the right. The question now is where to go from here? I think the statements from the remaining candidates are revealing.   

According to the Time:

TIME’s Zeke Miller was on the phone conducting an interview with Trump on Wednesday during the exact moment he found out that Kasich, his last remaining rival, would suspend his campaign this afternoon.

“That’s good. That’s nice. That’s interesting. It’s very interesting,” Trump said when he took a separate phone call and learned of Kasich’s decision.

“So Kasich is dropping out,” he then mused to TIME. “Hmm … That’s big. I didn’t think that was going to happen.”

“So now I’m going to be focused on Hillary and you’ll be dealing with me and we’ll see what happens,” he said, predicting most of the Republican Party would unify behind him. “And I think we have a very strong case against Hillary. As far as the Republican Party coming together, it will, maybe not 100%, but it’ll come together 99% and the 1% I don’t want and it won’t have any impact.”

Trump’s left-wing competitors had other things to say. No one mourned the loss of Cruz or Kasich, everyone instantly set out to attack Trump. Within an hour of the news about campaigns being suspended both Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton were making jabs.




We all thought that the last few months were a circus… what’s going to happen now? Republicans are now left with the choice to vote for Trump or not vote at all. Former President Bush refuses to comment about Trump being the only remaining GOP nominee.

The Hill reported:

Among Senate Republicans, there’s a growing feeling that opposition to Trump would backfire, given voter distrust of the GOP establishment.

“My impression is the voters are voting with their own minds and they’re not looking for direction or guidance from me or anybody else,” said Sen.John Cornyn (R-Texas).

What are the next few months gonna look like?

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