As we have seen for the past eight years, when Obama goes anywhere, it is a huge spectacle with his massive entourage. Obama does nothing small because Obama sees himself as King of the World. No matter where he goes, he comes off as a bumbling fool with no regards to anyone, especially when visiting other countries. However, maybe ‘bumbling fool’ is not an accurate description. I think narcissistic asshole is much more fitting.

While visiting the Queen in England, Obama and his court made an ass of themselves. They thought that the King of Narcissism could just land their fleet of choppers on the front lawn of Windsor Castle, in what I am sure looked like an invasion of assholes. Windsor Castle is the Queen’s personal residence, not a flippn’ airport.windsor-lawn


The Queen wanted none of that and put her foot down. A royal staff member was reported to say that the [paraphrased] parade of choppers was “over the top” and “the Queen was not amused.” Further, she ordered his helicopter entourage to be cut in half, leaving the Secret Service with a clusterf*ck on their hands. Eventually, three choppers landed and the other three were shooed away like varmints.

If this doesn’t make you laugh or piss you off, check out his ground motorcade:

And check out this never ending motorcade in Paris. Seriously?!



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