Government Boots Veteran Off His Self-Sustaining Property


The “go green” movement is a hoax. It’s a ploy big brother uses to take advantage of stupid hippies who really think they’re making a difference on the planet.

Go Green

If the leftist people in government truly wanted to combat climate change, they wouldn’t have a problem with what a military veteran named Tyler Truitt was doing.

Truitt and his wife were living off the grid on their property in Alabama.

They used solar panels for heat and electricity, rainwater for drinking and bathing, and composting for sewer.

Of course, this was a big no-no to the government as Truitt wasn’t “paying his fair share.” They wanted him to “go through the proper channels”, which really meant they wanted him to pay a bunch of ridiculous fees.

The government wants us trapped in a system where it’s close to impossible to live off the grid without their intrusion. The Truitt’s were harming no one and were providing for themselves.

If people were released from their bonds and given the opportunity to live self-sufficiently, many would take that opportunity causing the economy to improve as well as lower the pollution.

Then again, there are also a lot of lazy people who don’t want to do the work it takes to be self-sufficient. That is why the government punishes those who do because the money has to come from somewhere to “help” those who don’t want to pull their own weight.

The government can preach all day about “green living” but what they’re really preaching is more, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Truitt shared his thoughts about the government’s imposition on his freedoms by saying:

“I took an oath that I would support and defend the constitution and the freedoms that entails, and I really feel like those are being trampled upon.”

The Constitution has become nothing more than a souvenir to the government. Our rights and freedoms no longer matter. If we cannot provide for ourselves without the government’s, “guidance” then we are not a free people.

We are a controlled people.


H/T Joe For America

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