Child Star Of Classic Disney Movie Arrested After Committing Horrible Crime


Yet again, we find that another Disney child star has lost their mind.

Joey Cramer, best remembered in his role as David Freeman in the 1980’s hit movie, “Flight of the Navigator” was arrested by Canadian police for holding up a bank on April 28th.


According to New York Daily News, the now 42-year-old Cramer donned a wig and demanded cash from a Sechelt bank 30 miles northwest of Vancouver. He then escaped on foot and then found himself on a vehicular police chase. In addition to robbery charges, he is also being charged for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

This isn’t the first time Cramer was in trouble with the law. Back in 2011, he was accused of cashing fake checks.

Joe Cramer didn’t have a long standing acting career as it only lasted about 3 years.

Maybe it’s just me but I believe there’s something going on behind closed doors at Disney since we’re finding so many child actors growing up to be unhealthy individuals.

As a kid, I absolutely loved “Flight of the Navigator” and it’s a bit sad to me seeing his life in such a state.

What do you think? Do you believe Disney is corrupting these child stars? Or do you think it’s all just circumstance?

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