Burqa Wearing Woman Refuses to Remove Veil In Court- Judge’s Response Is Awesome!


A 43-year-old woman named Amira Behari denied the Judge’s command to remove her veil in court when she showed up to testify against a man she claimed abused her in a train station. What was the alleged abuse? Being called an, ‘asshole’ and told to, ‘go back to where you belong.’

Behari arrived wearing a niqab, which is similar to a burqa only less revealing leaving only a slit for the eyes.


Judge Thomas Mueller stated he wanted her face exposed in order to ‘read her emotions,’ adding: ‘I need to see you otherwise there will be considerable problems in adjudicating your case.’

Behari refused his request and said, “I have a God [ALLAH] at the end of the world who will see me right at the end. I will not do this.”

The Judge, seeing he had no way to break through her act of feigning martyrdom over her face, chose to find the accused not guilty.

This action infuriated other Judges and prosecutors in Germany thus resulting in an appeal of the decision.

The prosecutor’s office in Munich consulted with Koranic experts who said “it is permissible for a woman to remove her niqab before the judicial authorities such as judges, police, prosecutors on the basis of needs and damage prevention.”

If Behari doesn’t submit to the requirements, she will face either a fine or jail time.

Listen here, Dingbat. You can’t waltz into a courtroom expecting to take advantage of the court system and the country’s laws if you’re not going to obey a Judge’s simple request to show your stupid face. Nobody is asking you to strip naked in the courtroom. Take that crap off or go back to your sharia countries where you wouldn’t have the chance to take someone to court over them calling you an asshole.

H/T America’s Freedom Fighters

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