Blacks Storm into Restaurant, Do THIS While White People Try to Eat Their Lunch


For those of us who are socially awkward, we tend to dislike when people watch us while we eat.

Hell, socially awkward females like myself never look at a dude when eating a banana. It’s just weird to do so, isn’t it?

Well, just when you think that the Black Lives Matter dolts couldn’t get more pathetic, they always seem to find a way of moving those goal posts.


To show us how privileged us whities are, BLM protesters have taken it upon themselves to enter food establishments and sit with patrons just to stare at them while they eat.

Yes, they enter a business which is open to all races and creeds in an effort to silently harass white people.

Rewind to some decades ago and you’ll see signs preventing black people from entering white establishments. You’ll find segregated bathrooms, segregated water fountains, and see the black folks in the back of the bus. This could reasonably be considered white privilege.

But fast forward to today and we see blacks given the same opportunities as everyone else. They are not denied entry of any business or building due to their skin color. They are human beings with rights just like their White neighbors, their Hispanic neighbors, and their Asian neighbors. These facts are not a sign of white privilege.

It flabbergasts me that these people have the unmitigated gall to use the heinous actions of the past as leverage to assume they are superior to whites. Like third wave feminism, they are not aiming to spread the message of equality. They are spreading the message of hate and calling innocent non-racist people “imperialists”, “bigots”, and “privileged”

A privilege would be entering a restaurant for the sole purpose of creating a hostile environment without the police being called.

A privilege would be screaming at people of a different race without repercussions.

A privilege would be stalking strangers in a restaurant without getting arrested or put in the hospital.

I think it’s time for the BLM to check their privilege at the door and let me eat my bananas in awkward peace.

H/T America’s Freedom Fighters

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