BIGGEST BUST in NYC HISTORY: You Won’t BELIEVE What the Feds Just Found [PICS]


The NYPD teamed up with the FBI, DHS, DEA, and the U.S. Marshals to raid several housing complexes in the Bronx resulting in the arrest of over 100 people. Authorities are claiming it is the largest takedown ever in New York City.

The agencies assembled around 2:30am targeting a couple of rival gangs named The 2Fly YGz and Big Money Bosses.


Both gangs were responsible for at least 8 homicides (many of the victims were under 18 years of age) and have multiple charges including selling drugs on school property, robbery, and passing out counterfeit money.


This is an excellent move on the behalf of New York’s law enforcement. They undoubtedly put a major dent in gang related crimes within the city.


To the 1,000 cops and other officials for cleaning up the streets of New York, I give you a, “HELL YEAH!”

You made history today.

We need to get these thugs off the streets before another innocent person is murdered.

This is a fantastic start.

H/T New York Post


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