[WATCH] Putin Shows Sand People Who’s THE BOSS After Russians Make SICK Discovery at Local Mosque


There’s an old saying in Russia…it goes something like this: Boom!

That was the sentiment the Russian community of Samara, and their federal law enforcement sent to an illegal mosque. The comings and goings to a nondescript house by the Kumbayallah crowd raised the suspicions of the locals and sure enough they were right. A full-on Jihad was being planned within. Raids on the makeshift mosque unearthed explosives, ammunition, ISIS propaganda and an ISIS Jihadist.  The mosque was not registered with the regional Muslims, and it turns out it was tied to the Salafis, and uber-traditional Islamic sect of Sunni-Muslim. Following on the mosque raid, surrounding residences were raided and low and behold more explosives, more guns, more ISIS propaganda, and more Jihad.

The bomb squad was called in and the nearby by M5 highway was shut down while the explosive filled mosque was detonated. Fifty-three ne’er-do-well Islamists were rounded up, and as indicated above, one was an ISIS Jihadist.  The community said there are more fighting in Syria. Looks like the moderate Muslims are turning on their extremist brethren. It’s about time.

All in all it was a good day’s work for rural Russia.

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]

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