[WATCH] Ohio Sheriff Just DEFIED Obama and Issued a MASSIVE 2nd Amendment Call To Americans


A sheriff in Ohio has so many shocked and amazed many over his dedication to preserve our Constitutional rights.  He has instructed people that even if they are afraid, that they need to arm themselves for not only their protection, but the protection of their families. All of this comes after a family of eight was targeted and killed in separate locations.

From Conservative Tribune:

In Pike County, Ohio, Sheriff Charles Reader took an impressive Second Amendment stand, commenting to the media that our right to bear arms must stay intact for our personal safety and the safety of those we love and cherish.

Reader made the statement at a new conference on Sunday. Reader recalled the execution-style murders of a family of eight who were killed in rural Ohio just last week. With the perpetrator still on the run, the sheriff made an important announcement.

“I can tell you if you are fearful, arm yourself,” Reader stated. “If you feel that you need to protect yourself or family do so, and contact the local law enforcement to come and respond to it.”

H/T[Supreme Patriot]

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