Man Tries Have Police Arrest a NAKED INTRUDER In His Home, Discovers He ISN’T an Intruder

naked intruder
naked intruder

A man in Grand Rapids, Michigan, found himself in a movie-like scenario when he awoke in the early morning hours on Tuesday to a naked man in his home.

The homeowner was certain that the naked man was an intruder, so he ran outside and flagged down a police officer. However, when police came into the home to investigate, they quickly learned that the naked man was not an intruder, but merely the boyfriend of the homeowners daughter.

The incident occurred around 3:00 AM on Silver Avenue in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

No arrest were made by the police officers and no citations were issued as no crime had been committed. The punishment for the naked man has been left to the discretion of the girlfriends father.

I’m sure I am not the only one who would love to know how everything played out once police left….

This story has been all over Facebook were it has gained several hundred likes, comments and shares.

One user commented, “A story to tell in 20 years or so.”

Another person wrote, “Next he called the ambulance.”

Some commenters even came up with their own explanations of what must have really happened. One user said, “He must have known who it actually was and wanted to scare the kid. No father seeing a naked male in his house and then goes outside to contact police and leaves his daughter alone in a house with an intruder.”

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