The Jihad is here. It is being seeded around America. In fact, it has been for a very long time. This is Obama’s legacy in action—the establishment of the Caliphate on the world’s leading nation’s shore. The term “seed community” is not some anti-immigrant term. It is a term given to the effort by the State Department tasked with establishing MusIim communities across the country. You know, because of inclusiveness, diversity, tolerance, Jihad, gang-rape, child molestation, wife-beating, blocking streets at rush hour to ass-up and face Mecca, and so forth.

There are over 100,000 MusIims immigrating into this country every year. Obama’s ruse that he will be bringing in 10,000 refauxgees is a joke. It is lip service to try and quell the idiot masses and make himself look benevolent, when he is anything but. He is benevolent to lslam only, and hates anything that does not welcome it with open arms. Radical lslam still killing Christians, crucifying them (remember the Good Friday crucifixion of a pastor), dismembering children and feeding them back to their parents, raping them, castrating black men and selling them into slavery, and any other manner of bestial demonic horror we can imagine. Christians continue to flee the Middle East, and beg asylum, and Obama continues to deny their appeals for mercy and admit lslamists  instead. It’s all good.

The State Department has a list of a minimum of 190 communities targeted for invasion. Where are these places? Good question. At best, we can look for World Relief, and other pro-resettlement non-profits, new-build mosques, signage and governmental documents translated in Arabic, CAIR and any other “lslamic relations” organizations, halal markets, pork disappearing from school cafeteria menus, and ladies wandering around in burkas seeing as how they can’t drive.

The transparent Administration has been anything but in this regard. Take a look at what Ann Corcoran, author of Refugee Resettlement Watch (blog) had to say in terms of trying to find out which communities need to be on alert; ““It is like pulling teeth to get any information.” In that she means anybody, “And these are long-term grassroots activists who know how to get information.”

If you think this is just Obama and his minions you are wrong. It is the GOP and their panty-wastes too. Tea party darling, Trey Gowdy of South Carolina is the Chairman of the House Sub-committee on Immigration and Refugees. “He is chair of this committee, and so they want to set up a refugee office in his home district, and we still can’t get any information,” said Corcoran. Way to represent your constituents GOP…again.

St. Cloud-Minnesota, Athens-Georgia, Spartanburg and Columbia-South Carolina, Milwaukee-Wisconsin, Lewistown-Maine, are but a few who will soon be welcoming MusIims from Syria, the Congo, Bhutan, Somalia (if they aren’t already).

It’s time to pay attention people. It is time to start taking a more active role in your local civic activities. If you don’t take a stand, then decisions will be made for you, and it will be your fault. You can’t expect other people to care more for your well-being, and that of your family, friends, and neighbors, than you do about yourself. Speak out!

H/T [100 Percent Fed Up]

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