Drunk Offers Police $6 Bribe Flashes Her Booty


In Mexico it is common to bribe police. This time it did not work out for this young lady. Despite flirting and offering a bribe this little booze hound is hauled off even though she tried bribing and flashing…All to no avail as she is hauled off to the drunk tank.

A drunk driver in Mexico unsuccessfully tried to avoid getting arrested by using both her wallet and her feminine charms. Lorena Daniel Aguirre, 18, of Guanajuato became a viral sensation after she offered a police offer 100 pesos, roughly $6 dollars, as a bribe in order to secure her freedom. When that didn’t work, she showed off her legs and flashed her butt.

In the video, Aguirre, who had collided with several parked cars and is clearly intoxicated, can be heard asking the police officer, “How much? Five hundred?” She then pulls out a 100-peso bill and waves it in the officer’s face offering him a bribe.


When he does not accept her bribe, she then offers him her purse, which he also refuses. Despite Aguirre’s attempts at putting on a charming demeanor, the male officer remains stalwart and calls over a female officer.

Eventually, Aguirre is cajoled out of the car and directed toward a cruiser. She can barely walk unassisted and fights for several minutes before being placed into the back of the car.

After this unfortunate event she was taken to a police station where she was held for nine hours, the fine was imposed by the judge of the municipality for the administrative offenses scandalized public road, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace was 1500 pesos (about 2,000 lempiras).

Aguirre’s antics made her an overnight hit with social media users. A Facebook fan page has received over 200,000 likes and counting, while the #Lady100pesos hashtag trended on Twitter. Facing a drunk-driving charge, though, Aguirre has maintained an apologetic public persona.

“I learned about the bad side of using alcohol,” she told newspaper AM.  “Obviously I’m very regretful and very sorry. My advice to everyone is not to drink in order to make friends, because at the end of the day those are not your friends.”

News Source: DIEZ 

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