Black Privilege? Look Where Obama’s Daughter Will Be Spending The Next 4 Years


Aaaaahhhhh, Malia Obama got into Harvard.  The same school where mommy, daddy and grandpa went. Geez, I wonder if any of the teaching staff or fellow students will remember her, unlike those who can’t remember attending school with the man who became President of the United States. Yes, the Sidwell educated first daughter has managed to garner herself a slot on the Ivy League roster.

It’s that white privilege you know? Let’s face it, she is part white. Since the entire upper crust education system is “racist”, we know it was not the black part of her that Harvard admitted, right? Obviously, she is their token-female too, because racist-sexism is alive and well, seeing as how its goal it to keep-the-black-woman-down (at lease according to her mommy-dearest).

Michelle Obama has relayed time and again, how she was never asked what her career aspirations were, but rather was always asked “what kind of man I wanted to marry.” Then, horror of horrors, as she got older, men would whistle at her and make comments about her good looks.  Gag. Yeah, it’s rough to be a woman who men find attractive.  So….anyway….her precious baby girl will be attending the same school where Michelle struggled so hard to make a name for herself. Yes, Michelle wants her daughter to suffer like she did.

Tongue in cheek, people, tongue in cheek.

The truth of the matter is, this has nothing to do with white privilege, or black privilege, or diversity of race, sex, or religion. This is executive privilege, nothing more. This is just another example of what Obama wants, Obama gets. Surely, there is an chance that Malia earned her Harvard slot, and clearly the Obama’s can afford to send her, so all in all, we wish her well.

H/T [100 Percent Fed Up]

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