VIDEO: Watch The Kurdish Members Of The ISIS Hunting Club Slaughter Jihadis

ISIS members attempt an assault on a Kurdish position and the fail miserably.

ISIS Hunting Club
ISIS Hunting Club

Watch A Whole Platoon Of ISIS Jihadi Goat Fuckers Wiped Out In One Fell Swoop. Brought to your today by the Kurdish member of the ISIS Hunting Club.

A recent video release by Vice News shows a platoon of ISIS members attempt, and horribly fail, at an assault on a Kurdish position roughly 30 miles from the northern Iraq city of Mosul. The Islamic State has a strict video policy in which footage must go through their designated producers so it can be edited to make them look like they are winning or at least gloriously martyring themselves for jihad. However, this video was taken from the bullet-riddled corpse of one of the jihadists by a Kurdish fighter, and what it shows is anything but how they want their image to be conveyed.

ISIS Hunting Club
ISIS Hunting Club

A haphazard line of makeshift armored vehicles rolls out. Soon they are being engaged by the Kurds. Vehicles are being knocked out before they can even get into their desired position. Absolute disarray ensues in the vehicle as the fighters cannot find their own weaponry and ammunition. Their driver is killed and soon they dismount in an attempt to retreat. Instead, they are picked apart by accurate small arms fire, and eventually, all the Islamic State fighters are dead or captured.

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