NBA Threatens To BOYCOTT States Who Won’t Allow Men to Pee Next to Your Little Girl


    Would somebody please explain why the biggest most important issue the LGBTQ crowd can come up with is where they can take a poop? This is utterly extraordinary to behold that they are letting it all hang out with respect to where they have a right to go potty. No doubt cross dressers have been using cross bathroom for decades. Yeah, yeah, cross dressing is not the same as transgender, blah blah blah. Um…yes it is, until the person has been transformed, and their innie has become and outtie, or vice-versa. As long as they are still carrying the parts that nature gave them via chromosome, they are playing dress-up. Period.

    Then we have all manner of businesses and celebrities threatening not to do business in the various communities and states that won’t allow a man, dressed as a woman, to poop in the girls’ room. Who really cares what the guy dressed up as a superhero giving lip-service to comic book lines has to say? Just act, already. Same for musicians—go bang on the drums, strum your guitar, belt out a tune, and shut up about everything else. Do your job and go home.

    Now, we have the NBA weighing in. They are playing with their balls, and yours too (if you are a guy), and demanding that transgender men get to whip it out with little girls present, and transgender women get to adjust themselves in front of little boys. The obsession with psychologically scarring small children has crossed into the realm of sexually demented.

    This is not a joke. Back before the play-offs, the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, says the organization had been “crystal clear,” in their stance that if North Carolina men in drag don’t get to use the ladies restroom they will never show off their talent with their balls again. North Carolina passed a law that says you potty according to your parts—those indicated on your birth certificate. That is discrimination and “problematic,” for the NBA. Really? Who knew there were a bunch of gigantic transgenders playing professional basketball—aside from the cross-dresser and former b-ball player everyone loved to be disturbed by—Dennis Rodman. Hmmm…don’t recall him demanding to use the ladies locker room.

    This is disgusting, and the LGBTQ crowd, and their various alphabet parts ought to standing up for the rest of us. You can’t preach tolerance for one private part, a part you do not own and/or were not born with, while being hateful of somebody else’s born-this-way sexual organ. Well, you can, but you look like freaks and you align yourself with pedophiles and good God why would you want to do that?  It is no surprise that perverts will take advantage of the situation, and already are, so why allow them in your circle of friends? That would be like allowing a paroled ax murderer to work in a hardware store that sells axes, or a child rapist to become an elementary school teacher, or even…a pedophile who opts to cross-dress so as to get into the little girls bathroom.

    The world is on fire and insanity is reigning supreme.

    H/T [100 Percent Fed Up]

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